Launching on: 17th August 2017 10:00am EST

The Quick Start Challenge is BACK!

Presented By: Craig Crawford & Dean Holland

Many of you would've promoted the Quick Start Challenge in the past. Myself and Dean Holland once a year have helped multiple thousands of people each year, even people up until 2015.

Last year we took a break from running the QSC to evolve and improve our strategies to help even more people and in a faster time than ever before, with the aim of bringing them to $100+ a day!

The Quick Start Challenge is priced at a modes $197.00 on W+ & JVzoo - 75% commissions

This is STACKED with proof and happy customers & testimonials

It's a 4 week live training course with a TON of value 10% of our profit goes to various children's cancer wards nearing the time of Christmas for Santa to visit the terminally ill children and deliver presents and bring a little excitement & happiness to them.

It was heartbreaking last year, i went into a children's cancer ward to donate a tree, decorations and presents. I want to make more of a positive difference this year. With everyone's help.

As you know I do things for charity around Christmas. So this is an extra boost to our cause!"?

Bigger...Better...And even FASTER Results..

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  • Front End

    The Quick Start Challenge Evolution $197.00

  • OTO 1

    Done For You QSC’ers Package $47.00

  • OTO 2

    AIWIS $97.00

Launch Information

What is the content for the main coaching program going to be?

Week 1 - Laying The Foundations:

Laying the foundations for long term success in 7 days or less How to establish yourself online quickly and easily even if you’re a total newbieCreating the base of your business Blogging, YouTube domination, Facebook enhancement

Creating the 6 Figure Building Blocks

Week 2 - Triple Tier List Building:

  • List building Mastery.
  • Crafting the perfect lead magnet
  • How to get a lead magnet without creating it yourself
  • How to give your lead magnet away with ease without any tech skills

Also teaching the following:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Bridge page
  • Exclusive Offers

Week 3 - Automated Income Generator:

  • The fastest way to earn commissions online even if you’ve never made a single cent before.
  • How to automate your income using 2 easy methods we’ve used for over 6 years The hands free way to generate recurring commissions without creating anything yourself How to use video to give value and increase profits on demand
  • Implementing Email follow up campaigns

Week 4 - Online Traffic Takeover:

Traffic generation Module

  • The big traffic myth that prevents your success
  • 3 strategies to get traffic without paying for it
  • How to find unlimited paid traffic that you can turn on in 24 hours or less
  • The secret FB strategy that most don’t know
  • How to use simple videos to get more traffic even without getting on video yourself!

Hundreds & Hundreds Of Customer Testimonials & Success Stories In YouTube!

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LIVE: 9am EST August 17 – You MUST be there!


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Introducing: The Quick Start Challenge

Craig Crawford & Dean Holland have helped thousands of people
between 2013 to 2015 – Between them, they’ve generated 8 figures
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In 2016 they took a break to work on other revolutionary plans to
come back in 2017 with a bigger and better course, with bigger
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Joining the quick start challenge, you’re not only walked by the
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You’re all given a task, almost like homework. But way more beneficial to
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They incentivize you to take action by giving away thousands of dollars in
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Week One – Laying The Foundations [LIVE]
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The Quick Start Challenge is a life-changing, results getting LIVE
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There’s been thousands of people all over the world who join this program LIVE
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