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It’s well known that something that has longevity and has been long running is something that’s of high quality and high value… The Quick Start Challenge is NO exception.

Back in 2012 The First Quick Start Challenge opened its doors hosted by two marketers that took struggling newbies to results within 30days or less!

Once a year they only allow people in for FIVE days... then registration is closed, and coaching commences.

It’s highly effective coaching that’s in a live group environment, being taught by two marketers that combined have generated over EIGHT figures between them in the past five years alone.
(That’s $15,000,000+)

This once a year marketing phenomenon is purely designed to get struggling marketers get results and FAST!

The Quick Start Challenge has been responsible for some remarkable changes in people’s success – I’m talking within a matter of under two weeks!

Every. Single. Year they produce results for people, and Every. Single. Year they have responses like this:

Dean Holland is a well renowned “Two Comma Club” member of Russel Brunson’s core group of “Funnel Hacker “marketers and has been called upon for his expertise in marketing spoke on stage at the infamous “Funnel Hackers Live 2018” event where 3500+ people attended to listen and learn – Dean spoke on stage just before Tony Robbins went on stage…

Moving on from that, Dean has also spoke on stage delivering a TEDx talk, which is something very few people get asked to do in the online marketing realm!

Impressive, Right?! Well it doesn’t just stop there! Apart from being invited around the world to deliver educational marketing talks, he has been featured in Entrepreneur.com recently.

This is one of the highest honors for any entrepreneur offline and online.

This image below is Russell Brunson's latest product launch featuring me! Dean - Russell has chosen a select few people he truly believes can help people better their businesses and I'm featured in this new product!

The Co-host Craig Crawford worked together with Dean Holland and went onto the realm of product launches.

Generating over $4,000,000+ in sales within four years of his own business and helping over 30,000 businesses and entrepreneurs with software solutions around the globe and revolutionising marketing aspects people didn’t even know possible.

Combined, these powerhouses have been delivering high value for years, allowing people just like you to turn your businesses into the success you truly deserve.

One Person, by the name of Carl Picot attributes his success to
The Quick Start challenge... Saying:

“There’s no doubt about it, The Quick Start challenge was an essential building block to me making $10,000 in my launch”

~Carl Picot.

Dean Is Going To Reveal The Secrets That Led
Him To Making At Least $187.74+ Per Day Online

Pretty Cool Right?

"The Most Affordable, Results Producing,
Live Coaching Available Online"

In The Following Live Calls, You’ll Learn:

Step #1 Lay The Foundations

This is NOT where we talk about some positive mindset or any of that typical stuff people through around... There is ONE specific thing you need to do that will allow you to hit the ground running and then go on to magnetically attract people to you and turn them into raving fans... which of course leads you straight to the $$$$$$

Step #2 - Initiate Income Streams

Time to discover the difference in the types of income streams you can implement into your newly formed business and immediately initiate them ready for big pay days! (SPOILER ALERT: There's 1 thing we'll reveal here that very few people know about that makes me $1,000+ DAYS! ...and it can be done by complete newbies)

Step #3 Fire Up The List Building Engine

You know you need one, so it's time we just made it happen... Let's fire up your very own "list building engine" - this is a very specific 2-phase list machine that will not only build your email list but also automatically make you commissions at the very same time! (NOTE: If you've ever worried about "hat to say" or "Not having any value to share with a list" or "what if they don't like me or I say the wrong things" ...this is PERFECT for you (I used to feel the exact same way, but we'll solve that for you in just 60 minutes!)

Step #4 Deploy Automated Income System

YES! You really can make money whilst you sleep but only if you implement this one thing! We'll walk you through it and quickly and easily setup your automated income system so that it puts commissions into your pocket 24/7

Step #5 Turn On The Traffic Tap

Now the stage is set, it's time to turn on the traffic and let your system crank out commissions for you! There's free traffic and paid... In fact there's 1 free method that's working insanely well for us right now that you'll soon discover. (It put $463 in my bank from about 30 minutes work just the other day)


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a newbie, can I do this?
Absolutely! The QSC is suitable for all skill levels. If you're already making $100,000+ per year then some of it, you'll not need but there's a few things in there that have made me millions. Everything we'll show you is newbie friendly and we'll guide you through each step holding you by the hand, so you never get stuck or held back.

Is there anything else I'll need to buy to do the challenge?
Chances are you already have everything you'll need. Basic things like a hosting account, domain name and an autoresponder. If you have these things, great! If not we'll show you where / how to get them low cost. You'll need these things no matter what you do online so it's time now to make it happen.

I'm not very technically skilled, will I struggle to do it?
Great news... Neither am I! Therefore, the QSC blueprint is ideal for guys like us, I knew this had to be simple so that anyone could follow it, and so it is... No skills, No problem! We'll show you everything you need to know, and how to do it with ease.

How much time will I need to put in to do this?
I advise all my clients starting a business to invest at least 1 hour per day to see progress. That's 7 hours each week. However, to follow along with the QSC and do the work will likely take less than that, however that's what I advise. If you can do more, great, you can move faster 🙂

Be honest, why would you do all this for me and only ask $14.95 for it?
We have hosted the QSC yearly for several years now and we love doing it. I know what it's like to want more in life from an online business but find yourself stuck. I've been there and it sucks, so the QSC coaching is my way of giving back to the community and industry I love so much. Plus, I hope you get so much value from this with me that you'll love buying more from me in future. It's a win-win in my eyes.