Week 1 - Good Luck!

The Module 1 challenge for the Quick Start Challenge will win you a very cool prize once you complete it.

Here’s your time planner that’s mentioned in the QSC Training – Click Here To Download The Time Planner

Here’s the rules…

Get your own blog set-up online, I’d advise you also do the ‘About Me’ page but that’s not essential for the challenge but will be better. You can either do it yourself or outsource, it doesn’t matter as I wont ask how you did it Once you have your blog, you’ll need to make at least one blog post before you begin module 2, The sooner the better… There’s only one rule with your blog post…

You must mention the following sentence: “The Quick Start Challenge” So you could for example post about starting the challenge with us (Dean, Craig and JF) in this program, post what you wish, just mention that sentence in there to be instantly eligible for the prize!

How To Submit Your Blog And Blog Post:

Once you’ve completed the steps for the challenge you’ll need to let us see it and share it with us, to do so follow the steps below:

  • Step 2: Submit your Blog To The Blogroll

    You can go to your the “Blogroll” page and you’ll see on the page a form to enter blog url here: http://quickstartchallenge.com/blogroll This is really easy and takes no time at all.. Just

  • Step 3: After submitting the details to us we will prepare to send your gift to you! This will arrive Seven days after the submission.

    *Please note* – We are rewarding you for taking action so do not try and cheat the system. – Please check your inbox for your prize! The only person that loses really is you as you will not be moving things forward for yourself, so stick to the rules and steps above and we’ll keep rewarding you for taking action to implement what we show you. Now go get em’ !