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The Future of Marketing Is In The Past.

The reality is you have taken the time to build an amazing website. You have taken the time to sit down and write good copy for your pages, and content you feel is engaging. You have a created a great offer and have even invested in traffic strategies to drive people to your site.

Yet, you find that your conversions are less than where they should be by now. They should be higher, right?. You have put the time in. Surely by now, you should be just rolling in the dough.

Yet, it’s a simple human design flaw that you are not.

See, 95% of the people who take the first action on your website, will NOT take the next action that you wanted them to.. It is sad but true. All your hard work and they can’t follow the path on your site you had for them.

In other words, if you had 100 people come into a brick and mortar store you owned, and only FIVE of those people do what you want them to do, on their own, you’d be in real trouble (and possibly out of business in a month or two).

Now, imagine for those 95 people who didn’t do what you wanted them to do, what if you gave each person when they walked in, one personal assistant to help them out? That unique personal assistant would walk up to them and say hello while greeting them by name. They would then explain how the store works, what are the benefits of each part and then ask them what they needed. The assistant would even take notes to help improve that one user’s experience for the next time they came back.

It’s a fact that by doing this, that assistant would dramatically increase the chances that the customer would take the action that you wanted them to do as it’s now become an “individual experience” and they feel special.

See, a personalized tailored experience to an individual, rewards both you and the customer and has a long track record for customer loyalty and increase in profits. This is what AIWIS well, and so much more.

Personalization has been overlooked in online businesses… until today.

The Way Your Website Should Treat Your Customers

Up until now, you have been able to do this type of online customer service via social media and email, but it’s user intensive as you need to hire someone to talk back and forth as no one person is the same.

Every person wants to be marketed to differently these days. That’s a fact.

When a person lands on your site, they want what they came there for. Not necessarily what you want them to do. Well, AIWIS solves this issue.

You can even increase the conversion from that one person by 75% if you address that visitor by name, and AIWIS does that as well.

First, let me introduce you to AIWIS.

AIWIS Is The World’s Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System

AIWIS (pronounced AY-WISS) is the solution for your Website that allows you to give EVERY single visitor that personalized experience, and get them taking the actions you intended.

AIWIS is the website personal assistant you didn’t know you needed, who will engage with your website visitors from the moment they land on the site until they leave..

Even when the user leaves and comes back, friendly AIWIS will greet them with a different tailored message and a call to action based on information it has gathered since they visited your site.

AIWIS is a super fun robot to have around, and never creepy….. unlike some personal assistants (they know who they are). AIWIS wants to help your business succeed online and won’t talk back (unless you program it to!)

I got a look under the hood of Aiwis and it's an amazing automation which will be essential for your business. It's easy to set up, gives your visiting customers a personal experience, and makes sure they can easily find what they want. Aiwis gives your business a great ability to capture emails, makes sales and provide your customers with your best information. The voices provided are excellent and they even manage Aussie accents 😉

It's installed on your wordpress site using shortcodes, hooks up by API with 4 autoresponders and you can use Html if yours isn't on the list. Craig Crawford always provides quality software and more improvements and changes WILL be coming. If you are looking for automations to help your business, Aiwis is very cool.

Tania Shipman

Hey Craig and Company!I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your new AIWIS software is off the charts!

I liked how easy it was to setup and add to my site, it took me about 10 minutes total and now I'm in the game!

Conversions are important to me, and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team for bringing this to the market!

Ken Reno

I run a highly successful coaching business and the importance of being able to engage with people on a personal level can never be over emphasized.

Being able to do this effectively has always been a manual task. Until now... AIWIS is a game changer and one of the most exciting developments I've seen in the online marketing arena this past decade.

Now it's very possible to engage with people on a personal, one to one level, and do it on a MASS scale! Awesome job guys.

Artificial Intelligence for online marketers has arrived and it's called AIWIS!

Andy Benson

AIWIS blew my mind, the simplicity and power the same time, makes this the best AI Software on the market right now, is everything you need to engage customers and make them buy!

Great works folks!

Luan Henrique Casagrande

Artificial Intelligence. Robots. And Bears, oh my!

AIWIS may be a little intimidating, but nothing can be further from the truth.

Sure, it is a complicated set of code (and a lot of money) that created this beauty, however now that AIWIS is ready, AIWIS is here to make your site convert better.

AIWIS doesn’t like to show off but here is what AIWIS does well:


When the visitor firsts lands on the site, AIWIS welcomes them by their name, mentions their location and say the time along with any other message you have planned for their first visit


When the user comes back each time, AIWIS can be setup to say different things upon their return or even based on the last action they took. Think of the potential in marketing for that?


Yes, AIWIS has been studying hard, and can greet your visitors in their native tongue, all by voice and in text, in over 25 languages. AIWIS even does accents when asked to, with 45+ accents encompassing boy to man, and girl to woman!


From the moment your visitor lands on your site, it can captures their email and information when they opt in, as well as track behaviours on your site, your autoresponder of choice and even Facebook actions! All of this information will help AIWIS understand this particular user and provide the best user experience possible based on their needs. It can’t get much better than that!


AIWIS can also help to remind customers that they didn’t complete an action you intended for them. As an example, you can set up AIWIS to check if they have clicked on an email you sent them, and if they hadn’t taken action, AIWIS can now remind them to do just that. 

AIWIS is here to create a unique personalized experience that gets people to consume the thing that you want them to, based on their actions.

AIWIS is the digital Guide for your customers.


Even though AIWIS does a lot of things, the one thing it doesn’t do is frustrate you.

AIWIS was built on a SAAS System that ties in nicely to your website, with no tech skills.. You have the option to copy and paste on piece of code to your site (don’t worry, we show you EXACTLY how to do this simple step) and it works on any website including Shopify, Clickfunnels, and more!

Or if you have a WordPress website, we got you covered… Just install our custom WordPress plugin and within 1 minute you will be up and running!

It’s really that easy.

All you have to do now three steps:

1. Give AIWIS the features you want

Log in to our easy on the eyes AIWIS creator. Choose the face you want AIWIS to have, then choose the voice type (whether boy, girl, man, woman) and then choose your language from our extensive language database.

2. Give AIWIS some personality!

Although AIWIS came with a lot of charm (and then some), you can add in your personalized messages that you want AIWIS to say to your prospects, whether it’s the first time AIWIS meets them to the 5th time they came back and had liked a Facebook post of yours.. This is where you can plan out things people may do, and how to keep them engaged.

3. Tell AIWIS what you want done

3. By copying and pasting simple shortcodes, you can set up individual tasks for AIWIS to carry out. It’s super easy to do. You simply type your message, and add short codes for specific actions and AIWIS comes to life, like landing on a specific page.

There Are No Limits To What You Can Do With AIWIS - except maybe cooking and clean

AIWIS is here to give you the proverbial “unfair advantage” over other competitor’s sites. If you want to create an action a user can take on your site, resulting in a custom message, you can program that.

When AIWIS first meets the visitor, and greet them, it will gather their Name, Location and Time of the Day, so to personalize that experience.

Every message that goes out to the prospect spoken by AIWIS, are personalized sales messages based on how the prospect has behaved.

How much more customer-targeted can you get?

AIWIS Will Get You More Leads

People who land on your site may or may not ever see the clever location of your Opt-in Box on your site. Luckily, you have AIWIS to remind people to sign up with it’s soothing robotic voice and text call to action, in the language of your choice (even native language targeting)

AIWIS Is Here To Get You More Sales

As AIWIS works site wide as well as on specific pages, it’s always remembering the prospect, and will send different individualized messages upon return, giving that personal feel and that customer engagement everyone seeks. AIWIS’ personalized service will generate loyalty and has shown to increase sales.

AIWIS Engagement = More Money

Every moment that the visitor is on your site, with AIWIS, you can control what the user chooses to do and actions that they take. Being in control of this user experience is something brand new in the online world and builds up a loyal customer base.

11 Reasons Why AIWIS Will Make Your Site The Powerful Engagement Leader It Should Be:

As AIWIS' "manager", you get to decide on the flow of the messages, actions and offers that your visitors see and hear based on their activities from your website, via email and from Facebook.

Control what AIWIS does with simple short codes generated in the Admin section. All you have to do is set a command, and copy and paste. Bam, you are done!

AIWIS might not have a dress code, however you can personalize AIWIS to fit your site style best with male or female faces, and your selection of any colours (even branded colours) to make AIWIS your own. You can even choose the style of voice. All of this updates in real time!

AIWIS works well on any device, including mobile and tablet. So wherever your traffic’s coming from, AIWIS is ready to to what AIWIS does best. Become your visitors best friend.

With the extensive language database we have secured, AIWIS can now greet your visitors in their native tongues if you want it to. Got someone from China visiting the site, AIWIS just learned Cantonese and is ready to help out!

You can even set AIWIS to ask for the visitor's name and email address, which when filled out would go directly into your Autoresponder of choice. AIWIS will even store a copy in the program for future use.

Sometimes, AIWIS may not be appropriate for a certain visitor because they are at work, have a headache, and AIWIS just wants to start talking to them. Well, this situation we created a simple button to mute AIWIS.. AIWIS won't take it personally.. plus there is an Unmute button which will make AIWIS even happier.

AIWIS had a lot of really great information to share with users, including offers, however some information may be passed on initially. Well, AIWIS also has the ability to repeat anything that the prospect may have missed... And AIWIS can do this as many times as needed (with a smile).

9. ABC: Always Be Closing (Sales)
Our system is so easy that you can setup 1-click special offers that AIWIS can sell for you, anytime you asked AIWIS to do that.

AIWIS can be connected directly to your Facebook account (via a piece of code) as well as all of the common Email Autoresponders in order to capture emails:
Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Getresponse, iContact (more coming). This also more insights to create an even more personalized experience.

See, AIWIS won't forget a visitor who has come to your site, as AIWIS always knows who has visited, from where, and what pages they last visited. It also know what actions it took in your email marketing and on your Facebook interactions. This basket of insights can truly benefit you as you can harness this information, in order to make your customers website experience even more personal, memorable, and push them into a sale.


When we developed AIWIS, it comes down to one thing. I wanted to create a conversion tool that was unique, had a cool factor and worked smarter for me.

Once we started to develop it, we thought how cool would it be to be able to also help other people who are struggling in their business.

If we could develop something that would help solve a problem, then we can improve their websites conversions, while enhancing the performance of the site.

Our head coder, Dr Stanley Mungwe, is a PHD in computer aided surgery, here at Aiwis Interactive, and has put a lot of his amazing knowledge and love into this AI system… the results have been truly remarkable and special. Something for us all to be proud of.

AIWIS has evolved the internet with all the personalized functions it can do and choices it can provide, there is no limit to the uses of it.

AIWIS is for anyone who is selling a product or service and have a website, even if you are not techie.


  • Your websites are under performing or not getting any sales…… AIWIS is your answer.
  • You are getting less conversions, sales, email captures, or Facebook engagement…… AIWIS is your answer.
  • You want something that works and is like nothing out there…… AIWIS is your answer.
  • You want real engaged users and conversions…… AIWIS is your answer.


AIWIS is all about user experience, whether it’s remembering their name to remembering which pages they visited, everything AIWIS does is customized.

Here are the ways that AIWIS can track the user’s experiences on your site properties:

AIWIS can help you know (and create unique actions for):

  • What pages your user visited
  • What links that user clicked on
  • If there was an ecommerce cart, if it was abandoned or not
  • What that user did on Facebook
  • What they searched for on your site
  • What special offers they clicked on but didn’t buy (and which ones they did!)
  • What the last date was when they visited
  • What was the first date (or anyother day) they visited your site
  • When they clicked on an action in an email autoresponder

Best of all, all Sessions will be recorded and put into a members area for your viewing pleasure! Accessible 24/7


All of this information can help keep people staying on your site and keeping them coming back, as people like personalized experiences. It’s a proven fact….. And no one has done this before, as we have done here today.

Inside of AIWIS, you can even create unlimited messages and optin forms to get as targeted as possible.

If you want them to read your latest blog article, tell them to do that.
If you want them to sign up for an email list, do that.
The options are endless.

Don’t lose another sale because a visitor missed a key spot you want them to see. Help guide your visitors to take action, when they may not even know what they want to do .. and help them decide for them.

With AIWIS you will increase conversions and sales due to our unique sales tool and have the visitors use the site as YOU had intended.

Don’t wait any longer to take your websites into the future and increase revenue & profits, with AIWIS.

I just wanted to write and thank you for the opportunity to take a closer look at AIWIS - your Alexa for my websites! People love to hear their name spoken and I can't think of a better way to greet site visitors than by using their name. What a clever application - one everyone can use and adapt to almost every country or language spoken - not to mention affordable to the masses. Thanks to you and your team for this awesome marketing tool. The future really is here!

Kathe Lucas
WackyCentral.com, et al.

Aiwis is my best friend!I t's the best interactive tool that i've EVER had the pleasure of having. Aiwis works almost like an autoresponderfor my website! It's incredible. The members area/user interface is so so simple to use. I'm in love! Great work you Aiwis Interactive guys

Amilie Larson
Sales Page Designer

"Incredible. From top to bottom the “Aiwis experience” was mind-blowing. There's plenty of "wannabe" , Pretent “AI” solutions out there, but they tend to be impersonal, hollow shells.

The moment I heard Aiwis actually call my name (yes, literally) and start speaking a personalized, tailored message to me, I knew this would be very different. Craig Crawford has started something truly momentous here.

Let's just hope these things don't become self-aware and turn on us."

Steven Alvey

AIWIS is simply mind-blowing. This is Artificial Intelligence at its finest. AIWIS is an interactive system that will super-charge any website. Rev this thing up & watch it in action. It's an absolute masterpiece. Once AIWIS is activated, it will take your visitors by the hand, so to speak, & perform whatever tasks or messages you program it to.

As soon as they first land on your site, AIWIS is there like a loyal employee, greeting & encouraging engagement from your visitors. It's the perfect ambassador to represent you & your brand.

The possibilities here are endless. Pick up AIWIS & watch your conversions & profits soar. AIWIS receives my highest recommendations. Five stars all the way.

George Nieves

Want AIWIS To Be Your Personal Profit Assistant?

You can’t put a price on getting attention on your site, however AIWIS is so engaging, it’s really an investment that is ready to explode your marketing and profit efforts.

Grab your Copy of AIWIS Today, and finally engage your visitors on autopilot by greeting, selling, informing and all around enhancing their website experience. Let AIWIS do all the hard tasks.

AIWIS is here for you.
And so are we.

Grab your copy now:

Take A Look Inside AIWIS At His Powerful Engagement Features


As the admin you get to decide on the flow of the messages and offers the your visitors see and hear based on their activities on your website.


Control what AIWIS does with simple short codes and copy and paste ease.

AIWIS Interactive!

AIWIS might not be much in the body department, but you’ve got a selection of male and female faces to choose from to capture the attention of your market and make AIWIS your own.

AIWIS Mobile!

AIWIS works on mobile and tablet just as well as he does on desktop. So wherever your traffic’s coming from, AIWIS is ready to engage.

AIWIS Speak!

Choose from a selection of childlike voices, and adult voices in both Male and Female to give AIWIS real character.

AIWIS Fashionista!

Set AIWIS’s colour scheme to match your branded in just a couple of clicks.

AIWIS Goes Native!

Choose from an extensive language database and make sure AIWIS charms your audience in their native tongue.

AIWIS Collects!

Set AIWIS to ask for the name and email of your audience, and he’ll add them directly to your autoresponder and keep a copy in your AIWIS program.

AIWIS Shhhh!

Maybe AIWIS is NSFW or maybe your visitor has a migraine. If that’s the case then they have a simple control for muting AIWIS (… and unmuting him when they feel bad!)

AIWIS Repeat!

AIWIS has a lot of vital information to pass on and offers to sell, so he makes it easy for your website visitors to repeat anything they might have missed.

AIWIS Sells!

Set up 1-click special offers for AIWIS to sell for you, and then let him get to work!

AIWIS Knows Best!

AIWIS never forgets a face (or an IP address!) so he always knows who has visited, from where, and what pages they last visited, and you can harness this information to make your customers viewing experience personal, memorable, and we hope VERY profitable.

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

AIWIS Is 100% Guaranteed To Boost Engagement On Your Website Or Your Money Back. Period.

Here’s the deal:

Add AIWIS to your website today, let it do it’s thing for the next 30 days, and if you don’t see a massive boost to your engagement then you’ll be refunded in full without question or delay.


This is AIWIS. Your new best friend.

How does AIWIS know my customer’s name?

AIWIS is passed information from the autoresponder (if your customer arrived through an e-mail link) or from Facebook (if they didn’t). So when you use the [NAME] shortcode in your AIWIS message, it’ll just be replaced with the actual name of your prospect.

What if we don’t have that information?

In that case, AIWIS is smart enough to just skip it. So rather than being greeted with ‘Hey Dave, how’s it going?’, AIWIS will just say ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ instead.

OK, that sounds pretty easy. And AIWIS won’t just repeat the same thing every time?

Not unless you want him to! You can have AIWIS deliver different messages based on past visitor behaviour.

Here’s a neat way you can use this:

Let’s say you’ve got AIWIS on a sales page. Someone came and didn’t buy, but now they’ve come back, maybe from a retargeting ad.

AIWIS can detect this, amd you can have it say:

Hey [NAME], great to see you back! I hope it’s a great day in [LOCATION].

I see you visited [PAGE] last time you were here, so now I’d like to give you a special offer. Right now it’s [TIME], and for the next 17 minutes you can use this special discount code...

Your customer’s getting a personalised greeting AND a personalised offer... all thanks to AIWIS.

Does AIWIS work on mobile as well?

Yes he does. AIWIS works great on desktop, mobile and tablet pages, so whatever device your viewer is using, AIWIS will be there to guide them.

How do I install AIWIS on my website? Do I have to mess around with servers?

Nope. Just add a simple script to your page and you’re done.

Does AIWIS only speak English?

AIWIS is multi-lingual. There’s 45 languages you can pick from, so wherever your audience is from, you can make sure AIWIS is talking in a way they understand.

If the whole Skynet thing kicks off, whose side is AIWIS on?

That’s the great thing about AIWIS. AIWIS is always on your side, even when the machines rise up.

Do I have to take action now?

You don’t HAVE to, but you’ll get a far better deal when you hit the button today. Right now, AIWIS is a one-time payment of $97. In a few days, that’ll be going up to $297

That’s a pretty good deal!

You bet it is. Get your licence by clicking the button below now:

Quick Start Challenge Aiwis Access t100

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