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It’s Dean Holland here....

If you’re somebody who wants to make money online but you’d like to cut through all the garbage and instead find a simple way for somebody with no experience to make a quiet fortune…

...beginning in the next few weeks...

This could be the most important page you have ever read.

Pay close attention, you’re about to learn a cold, hard, truth!

It’s Going To Upset You And Quite Possibly Make You Angry…

In fact I’ll bet you’ll want to close this page and pretend it never happened. But I promise you this:

Read this all the way through, and you’ll be glad you did. Because by the time you get to the end, you’ll have a whole new life ahead of you.

A life of easy, six figure incomes.

A life where you work at home using just your laptop and an internet connection, and where you don’t need to put in more than a handful of hours a day.

And That’s Not All…

Because you’ve not yet seen the massive internet success you’re hoping for, you may have a distinct advantage that you’re simply not aware of.

And that advantage could make you some serious money.

Before we go any further, are you ready for the cold hard truth I just mentioned?

And I’m Sorry, But This Is Probably Going To Sting A Bit…


You’re being lied to.

The “gurus” and anybody else promising to show you how to make money from the Internet have been straight up lying.

They’re painting pretty pictures of everyday people getting started with super-simple online businesses and making massive amounts of cash right away…

But the truth is, that rarely happens.

There are a set of hidden, specific complications which stop that happening for almost everybody.

I’ll explain what they are in just a moment, but before we get into that…

I Need To Ask You 2 Very Serious Questions…

First of all, haven’t you already tried some of the stuff so many other people recommend?

You know what I’m talking about… all the push button solutions and promises of overnight riches.

I’m betting you have… or you were too confused by all the different options and instructions… and that leads me to my second question.

Did any of this stuff work for you?

Probably not, or you wouldn’t be here. So be honest – doesn’t it seem like everything you’ve tried has a catch?

It Looks Great At First But Of Course
They Don’t Tell You About The Major Drawback…

And it’s always something big. Like you’re expected to already know how to use HTML
or design graphics, or you need thousands of dollars for traffic. And that’s just crazy.

Let’s Be Realistic!

If you had thousands of dollars spare, you wouldn’t be trying to make more money, would you?

If You’re Anything Like Me This Whole Nightmarish Situation Is Driving You Crazy…

Allow me to tell you… The people who have been “helping” you:

All those so-called gurus and online business experts

All those guys have been telling you big, fat, ugly lies

They’re tearing the truth into tiny pieces and force-feeding you little bits of it just to sound believable…

...and while they do that they’re mercilessly squeezing you for every penny they can.

The Brutal, Nasty Truth Of This Whole Business Is That…

To all those “guru” guys, you’re just a walking dollar bill.

They promise to show you how to crack the code, but all they’re doing is lining their pockets and supercharging their own income with your money.

They’re bloodthirsty – they want your hard earned cash, and nothing else.

They honestly don’t give a crap if you succeed or if you fail.

I Know Because I’ve Been There.

I’ve seen behind the curtain, and discovered what makes everything tick. And I was thoroughly disgusted.

So today it stops. Today we say NO!

We’re drawing a line in the sand.

Because it’s wrong to prey on people like you.

Honest people who just want to make some extra money and improve their lives.

It’s not a crime to want that. You see, not so long ago I was exactly where you are.

And Now That I’m Not - Now That
I’ve Made It Through, I Want To Help You

Way back now in 2008 I was at an all-time low.

I’d tried, and failed to make money online for 4 long, gruelling years.

I’d spent over $60,000 on all the so called “must have” shiny objects, yet I’d failed to even make my first sale online!

I felt pathetic! I was petrified at the reality of the mess I’d gotten myself into. I was knee deep with no idea how to get out.

Then one day I came across a chance to get a mentor.

The problem was, to get in would take just about every red cent I could get my hands on.

But what other choice did I have?

I clearly couldn't figure it out on my own, so I took a leap of blind faith…

I scrapped together about $500 and joined the coaching program.

It Was There I Learned The
Basics Of  What I’m About To Teach You

5 weeks later I made over $1,700 in a week online!

I couldn't believe it!

At least not until I saw the money in the bank account anyway. It was without a doubt the turning point of my life…

I quickly discovered that once you know what works and you have a proven system, all you need to do is repeat the exact same process over and over again. And you’ll get bigger and better results.

Now look where that system has gotten me today…


Get your reward for being an action taker! Take action right now and receive these bonuses worth hundreds of dollars BEFORE THE TIMER HITS ZERO!


Over The Last 7 Years I’ve Refined This Process To A Fine Art

A near-science if you like, of making money on the internet.

So once a year I do something to give back and help those that are in the position I used to be in (only without the usual $5,000+ fee my coaching clients pay).

Something that has proven time and time again to take struggling marketers and get them results in days and weeks.

Not months and years!

I Call It The Quick Start Challenge
And For Third Year Running We’re Back!

Only this year it’s going to be even bigger and better than ever before!

Just look at the sheer number of people that rave about their results every time we do this…

In this year’s Quick Start Challenge it’s not just me either…

I’ve Got Two Other Marketing Powerhouses With Me...

Craig Crawford and his business partner Robert Phillips will be running the QSC together with me.

These guys have generated over $1.200.000 in 18 months alone!

Together we plan to turn your business around FAST with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In Fact, There’s So Much We’re Going To Do
For You That I Couldn’t Possibly List It All Here

So let me focus on the main points… then you can secure your place before we close down registrations for at least another year.

The Quick Start Challenge is a live, interactive 4 week coaching program designed specifically to get you results right from the word GO

(You’ll also get a bonus “Advanced Session” but more on that in a moment).

Each week you’ll get the next part to the process. As long as you implement the easy steps I share each week you’ll see results in your business

It’ll run like this… First you’ll establish yourself online in a very specific way that works every time. This will immediately give you an online presence.

This First Step Is Huge! I Can’t Believe More Don’t Do It
(It’s What Made Me My First $1,000 Online!)

Next we’ll get you set to start building your email list.

This is a must for every online marketer and done in the way we’ll teach you it’s incredibly simple.

At this stage you’ll be ready to turn on the traffic…

Now that’s exactly what we’ll be teaching you in week 3 - how to drive traffic!

You’ll learn several free methods that you can just put a little time into and see the traffic hit your site.

You’re Going To LOVE How Quickly Your
Traffic Will Begin To Flow Using Our ‘BHM’ Tactic

In addition to the free traffic methods you’ll also learn paid traffic methods too.

Just one of the paid methods could see thousands, no - TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitors hitting your site within less than 2 weeks!

But that’s not the only paid method, we have several and you’ll learn them all.

So let’s review where you’ll be at after the first 3 sessions…

Your traffic is flowing, Your email list is growing and you have an amazingly powerful, yet simple way to make them become loyal fans.

In Week 4 It’s Time For You To Make The Money!

The final part of the Quick Start Challenge is to get you making money.

In fact, every year to date in the QSC people have been making money before the 4 weeks were up!

That’s because this just works, no doubt

First you’ll learn how to make money from what you created in week 1.

Next you’ll learn how to make money and get paid for building your email list.

This Method Is Awesome, It’s Like
Building Your Email List For FREE!

Then I’ll teach you how to put another FULLY AUTOMATED income stream into place.

This tactic is very easy once you know it, allowing you to make money whilst you sleep!

As the 4 weeks of the Quick Start Challenge come to a close you’ll feel a little sad to be leaving us.

But you’ll be excited!

Because Now You Hold A Blueprint To Rinse And Repeat To Grow Your Results!

You’ll be driving traffic every day. Growing your email list every day.

And be able to grow your income every day by simply sticking to the plan we built together.

Now it’s time to make a decision because you don’t have long.

We open the doors for registration to the QSC for just 7 days. Then it’s gone for another year.

So You Either Get Your Place Now, Or Stay In The Same Position As You Are For Another Year

Getting the same results you are now feeling frustrated, feeling lost, feeling the agony of failure.

OR you can be a part of the 2015 Quick Start Challenge and get results with the rest of us.

To make this decision easy, actually no…

To make this decision a complete no-brainer and only cause crazy people to walk away from it, I’m going to do something my peers will call ME INSANE for…

I’m Going To Give You A Place In This Year’s Quick
Start Challenge For Less Than A Family Meal At McDonald’s

So it’s not $1,997 or $997 - It’s not even $97.

Get your place now and get the ENTIRE Quick Start Challenge coaching class of 2015 for a one-time only payment of just $19.95.


That’s not a mistake or a typo, and it’s not even a recurring payment!

One small payment of just $19.95 – that’s it.

I don’t run the Quick Start Challenge to extract cash from you. I do it once per year to help as many people as I can. I know what it’s like to struggle, I’ve felt the pain of failing. And I know what it takes to turn things around.


You Got It!

So If You Want That Formula For Yourself, There’s Just One Thing To Do…

Secure Your Place Now. Still need persuading?

OK, I accept your challenge…

Join this year’s Quick Start Challenge and as an extra special bonus I’ll give you a bonus session…



You see, a few years back I bolted on some more advanced stuff to the system you’ll learn in the first 4 weeks.

This secret advanced stuff never gets shared outside of our $2,000+ programs. But what the heck, don’t you think you deserve it all?

I do, and this year I’m feeling extra generous.

So claim your place now and you’ll qualify for the bonus week and you’ll discover the advanced stuff too!

This session alone is worth MANY time more than your investment to join the entire Quick Start Challenge.


OK still reading?

Fine, it’s time to pull out the big one and if this doesn’t seal the deal I’ll admit defeat as you clearly don’t need my help… Get all of this, AND do so 100% risk free with our…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If the Quick Start Challenge isn't everything I say it is (and more), Ask for a refund, simple!

You’ll have 30 full days to judge too. No questions, no hassle, just a straight up simple guarantee!

Love every moment and get results or don’t pay! Ready to get started?

Secure Your Place Now!

Here’s A Recap On Everything You’re Getting:


Value: $997

BONUS Advanced Secrets Session!


Value: Priceless

During this top secret bonus session I’ll reveal the really advanced stuff that earns me 4 and 5 figures PER DAY.

This information alone is worth 1,000 times the enrolment fee for the entire class!

Just look at these results, this is what I’ll be revealing in the bonus session.



Value: Priceless

We love to reward action takers... Action takers get results!

We want you to get results so we’re also going to award $5,000 in prizes EVERY week in the Quick Start Challenge when you complete the tasks.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to win and you could be bagging a $5,000 prize just for taking part!

In addition everyone will get prizes this year just for being part of it. Actually just one of the prizes you’ll get is worth many times more than $19.95

So Come On, Let’s Get You In
Before We Close It Down And Do The Magic


See you on the inside,

Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips

P.S - It’s just $19.95 for 4 weeks of live coaching to get you results.

You get a bonus fifth session to learn some more advanced stuff to earning 4 and 5 figures per day.

You get all of this risk free with our 30 days money back guarantee.

Unless you’re crazy, Get Started Now...