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Introducing The Live 30 Day Coaching Challenge To Walk You
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From Dean Holland & Craig Crawford
England, UK

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to become a successful online affiliate, make a full time income of at least $100+ per day and have complete freedom in your life as an online entrepreneur…

…The next 30 days will be the most important days of your life

But First, A Warning:

Before we go any further, let me make something very clear…

This isn’t one of those “get-rich-quick” opportunities that promises you riches untold for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal…

In the Quick Start Challenge T100 coaching program, Craig Crawford and I (Dean Holland) are going to work with you LIVE for the next 30 days

We’re going to teach you a process that’s working incredibly well for us…

It took me from $60,000+ in debt, working a construction job I hated and being at rock bottom in my life

To becoming my own boss, being debt free and selling over $9,000,000 of products on the internet (that’s not a typo, that’s 9 million dollars)

So, in 2013 Craig and I teamed up to share this entire blueprint for the very first time with over 600 people signing up for the Quick Start Challenge

Craig’s made millions of dollars online providing software solutions to the marketplace and together the QSC was more successful than either of us could have ever predicted

Within weeks of the first ever challenge hundreds of success stories hit YouTube, so we knew we had to do it again

And so we did the following year opening the doors for just 5 days

800+ people did the challenge in 2014

And over 2,500+ in 2015

…who now have a business setup

That’s why there’s HUNDREDS of success stories all over YouTube from those people that changed their lives thanks to this proven blueprint

Each year we open the doors to the challenge for just 5 days

Then we begin with everyone taking part…

Last Year We Didn’t Host The Challenge

Here’s why…

In 2016 I made a new discovery

I found what appeared to be the single biggest reason that most aspiring affiliate marketers struggle to make consistent commissions online

You see, one of the key parts of the Quick Start Challenge coaching is teaching you to get traffic and turn it into cash

But traffic generation was evolving

A major shift took place

A shift so severe that I refused to let anyone else into the challenge until I found the secret for myself

Then, 12 Months Ago I Found That Secret

…and now I’m ready to share it with you in the biggest, and best Quick Start Challenge coaching that has ever ran!

With that said… Let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t a video course, ebook or training program

This is a step-by-step, hand-held-all-the-way live coaching program (only we’re not going to charge you $5,000+ to take part)

We’re going to take you through a 4-phase process that takes you from zero to results in 30 days or less

Each week we’ll reveal the next part of the process to you

We’ll share it live, then answer any and every question you have

Then give you some time to implement it, before we move onto the next phase

By the time it’s complete you’ll have the entire system built into your online business, poised to take you from zero to $100+ per day

And even though we’ve called it The Quick Start Challenge T100, with the goal to provide you with everything you need to get you to $100 a day online

It’s Proven To Do Way More Than $100 Per Day

Some of those that took part in the previous year’s challenges increased their traffic by over 3,000% within the first 10 days

Others went from no email list, to having hundreds of new subscribers within just a few weeks!

And then there’s those who are now making thousands a week online as affiliates, all thanks to taking part in the Quick Start Challenge.

Heck, for me this proven process has resulted in making thousands per day, living a life of complete freedom and ultimately having my family finally be proud of me

And for Craig?

Well, you be the judge of that…

You see, although our initial intention is to take you to $100 a day

That’s certainly not the end goal…

Let Me Ask You This…

When you’re making $100 every day online following our blueprint, do you believe you’ll know how to make $200 a day?

Of course!

It’s just a case of doing more of the same to scale it up.

So, what is the blueprint that we’ll be helping you to implement…

Here’s How We’ll Spend The
Next 30 Days Together…

Week One – Laying The Foundations

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ll have a hard drive full of countless numbers of products, video courses, reports, software and WordPress plugins.

Every day so many low-cost tools are released that grab you with their mass appeal and promises of insane results

You’ll spend $10 on a report, $47 on a video course, $197 on a software

And you’ve done it over and over again, probably totalling thousands of dollars

Am I right?

Yet, so far, none of it has put actual money in your bank account, right?

How do I know… Because I’ve been there myself!

I spent over 4 years that totalled over $60,000 on products before I invested $1000 to join a coaching program to get some real help

and I have some news for you…

Where you’re stuck right now… It’s not your fault!

You see, whilst there’s some amazing products, tools and software out there, none of it will help UNLESS you have the right things in place first.

Think about it, would you build a house without laying the foundations first?

No way!

Even if you did, it may look good initially but pretty soon it’ll come crashing down.

And just like a builder who’s building houses must lay a foundation first to realise success

So must you in your business.

That’s what we’ll start with in the first live coaching session, laying the foundations for success

And just to be clear, this isn’t some mindset thing or attitude adjustment

This is a real, tangible, ‘asset’ that you need to put in place on the internet as your foundation

Here’s some of what you can expect in week one:

  • What is the simple foundation you can deploy in just minutes that will set you up for long term success online? All will be revealed in week one
  • _________ << Without this you’ll stay stuck and join the 97% of failed affiliates (we’ll share all in the first 30 minutes of coaching)
  • How I banked over $3,000 in a 7 day period using a simple _______ (after making $0 for the 4 years previous) and how you can swipe this in minutes!
  • What is a ‘HUB site’ and why creating one can put $1,000+ commissions into your pocket even if you’ve never made $1 yet (HINT: You’ll get one of these in week one)
  • How can you get more done in 1 – 2 hours online than most do in 8 – 12 hours so you can win back your time and begin to experience the time freedom of an online based business. This one trick we’ll share on week one will do just that for you!
  • There’s dozens of things you need to do to make $100+ a day online right? WRONG! We’ll show you the 4 things you need to do and why so you can get results easier and faster!
  • You can’t make money because no one’s heard of you, right? HECK NO! Using our secret weapon you can make a full time income even as a complete newbie! (we’ll reveal the secret in week one!)
  • Why it’s OK to be a tech-dummie and still get results
  • The complete $100+ per day blueprint explained!

And much more to be revealed on the live session!

Once you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to move into the next phase of the blueprint…

Week Two – Triple Tier List Building

“The money is in the list” yada yada yada

You hear it all the time and you probably understand the concept behind it

Get a squeeze page, get traffic, build a list, send emails, make money

The problem is, it doesn’t work like that anymore, things have changed!

That’s why we developed our “Triple Tier List Building System” that when plugged into the foundations that you put in place in week one will see your email list grow, and commissions begin to flow

Seriously, this is where the cash begins to come into your business using this!

So, if you know you need an email list

Or you’ve been building one but it’s not responsive or not making money, this is critical for you!

Here’s some of what you can expect to discover in week two:

  • Is there an EASY WAY to build an email list? YOU BET! We’ll share it with you here
  • What is the “Triple Tier List Building” method and why do you need it? All will be revealed in week two (HINT: Without this you’ll be leaving BIG money on the table!)
  • Can you really get paid to build your list? YES!! Using the ‘TTLBS’ you can and we’ll prove it so you can deploy it fast in week two
  • Discover the ‘3 money pages’ that create commissions for you with our secret list method
  • How to turn your email list into your most valuable asset in less than 15 minute a day
  • Is it really possible for a newbie to send emails and bank commissions? YES! And we’ll show you how (Just as we have 1,000’s of others just like you)

Just 2 weeks in and you’ll have laid the foundations for your business success

You’ll have a proven asset in place to ensure sustainable, long term freedom in your life

You’ll have your “Triple List Building System” plugged into your business ready to get subscribers and earn commissions

At this stage, we need to talk automation…

Week Three – Automated Income Generator

Real freedom is when you can make money and not be at the computer

Like making money whilst you sleep, or banking more commissions whilst you’re on vacation than the vacation cost you

With the internet we can create that freedom, but you’re going to need to set it up that way

The good news is, with our Automated Income Generator method this is exactly what you’ll unlock into your business and life!

With just a few simple steps we’ll guide you by the hand to implementing a simple yet insanely effective method that allows you to make money whilst you sleep, eat or goof around doing whatever it is you want to do

Here’s some of what you can expect to discover in week three:

  • Is it really possible to bank big whilst sleeping? YES IT IS! And in this session, you’ll not only see how, you’ll be handing the simple steps to implement it in your business!
  • The number one reason some people slave away at the computer 4 – 12 hours a day whilst others make more money in 1 – 2 hours (and how you can join them!)
  • Why automating your business in THIS way can not only make you money every single day, it can give you the time freedom to enjoy it
  • The 5 steps to deploy your own automated income system that will then work 24/7 for you (even if you’re on vacation!)
  • The biggest mistake people make when adding automation to their business and how you can avoid it (this can save you thousands a month in lost commissions!)

Let’s look at how far you will have come at this stage…

You’ve laid the foundations and have a powerful asset in place for long term success

You’ve implemented your Triple Tier Listed Building system

And deployed your Automated Income Generator

Think of the first 3 weeks kind of like building an engine, only, YOUR engine cranks out commissions once it’s running

The only thing left to make it run is TRAFFIC

That’s what we’ll dive into and initiate next…

Week Four – Online Traffic Takeover

Do you struggle to get traffic?

I used to, so don’t worry if you’re the same.

There’s MANY methods of doing it, like FB ads, YouTube ads and so on…

But , getting traffic and turning it into PROFIT, it was always a struggle for me

Then a few years back I finally got IT

But in the past few years things changed

Costs went up and profits turned into loses

I had to go back to the drawing board and figure out why I and many others were failing

So, in 2016, I spent an entire year, and a LOT of money figuring out the future of online traffic generation

I tested everything, putting tens of thousands of dollars into advertising and fine tuning the ultimate traffic getting system

It didn’t work right away but after some tweaking and testing eventually it happened, and it happened like I could have never predicted!

I developed something so amazingly powerful that had to be taught to others

So, I built a complete system around it that just went into a full course that I call “Fuel – The Digital Traffic Mastery System”

I began selling that traffic course 2 weeks ago for $297, and the response has been mind-blowing.

So much so, that I’ve decided to teach you my entire traffic getting system in week 4 of the QSC!

Yes! You’re going to get the same traffic training as those buying my course for $297 get, only you’ll get that, AND the entire Quick Start Challenge coaching program for less than everyone else pays just to learn my traffic system!

Even if you’ve never gotten 1 visitor to click your affiliate links before, I assure you that in week 4 that changes forever!!

You will never again struggle for traffic, EVER…

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Why traffic generation has changed forever and what to do about it (WARNING: If you do not discover this right away you can kiss goodbye to paid traffic success forever!)
  • The most powerful traffic-getting system that exists online today (NOTE: I’ve only shared this with my $2,000+ clients)
  • How to quickly and easily start getting traffic to your affiliate links so you can start making commissions within days! (Some people make money the same day they discover this!)
  • The ninja Facebook ads method to get low cost laser targeted traffic in any niche (even if you’ve never used Facebook ads before!)
  • The ‘Traffic Rebound’ strategy that gets sales and commissions for pennies on the dollar
  • How to turn complete strangers into followers, fans and customers so you can make more money starting today!
  • How to legally and ethically get other people to drive traffic for you (from their websites and email lists!) so you NEVER struggle for traffic again!
  • How to setup and deploy a 3-phase automated traffic getting machine so that your traffic flows every day, even if you’re not online
  • The number 1 mistake people make when trying to get traffic that stops them getting even a handful of visitors (and how YOU can avoid it so you get traffic on demand with ease)
  • How to future proof your traffic system to ensure long term, sustainable success online
  • The exact strategy I use to get 972 – 1,904 visitors a day (and the resource I go to when I want more)

As you can see, you’re getting a lot with this coaching program so let me recap quickly before I announce something huge

During the next 30 days you’ll join us live for the following coaching sessions:

Week One – Laying The Foundations

We’ll get you up and running fast with the correct ‘asset’ in place to set you up with long term, sustainable success

Week Two – Triple Tier List Building

The only way to build a profitable email list FAST. This alone can replace your day job and get you complete financial freedom for you and your family!

Week Three – Automated Income Generator

Automation = freedom, and that’s exactly what you’ll create in week three. Your very own automated system that produces commissions whilst you sleep!

Week Four – Online Traffic Takeover

You’ll be one of the first members of the public to discover this brand new traffic getting system. Only my $2,000+ clients have seen this so far but you’ll get your hands on it here so you can generate insane amounts of traffic and sales at will, anytime you like!

But it’s gets even better, because you’re also getting…

A Bonus 3 Hour Live Masterclass Where You’ll Discover “The Fastest Way To $10,000+ Per Month Without Creating Any Products”

At the end of the Quick Start Challenge you’ll be joining us live so I can show you how I grew my income from $100+ per day to 6 figures

…And then onto making thousands PER DAY!

I’ll lay everything out so you’ll get your hands on a blueprint to make MILLIONS online just as I have done

You’ll discover:

  • What others have called “The Ultimate $100,000+ Shortcut” – When some of our other clients discovered what you’ll soon see it blew their minds (and their bank accounts!)
  • The one addition I discovered to the QSC system that allowed me to start having $1,000+ DAYS online
  • How to add recurring income streams into your business with one “set and forget” strategy for automated recurring commissions
  • The 1 thing I do each day that takes less than 60 minutes that puts an additional 4 figures each day into my bank account
  • How to get other people to drive traffic for you (this is the EASY button to traffic generation that even an infant could do!)
  • The 7 figure income system – Discover the digital business system I’ve created and use to make up to $311,068 per month and how others like you have used it to make a full time income online within just a few short months
  • The secret system that allows ANYONE regardless of skills, knowledge, or experience to earn commissions of up to $4,000 per sale (what would making 1 or 2 of those each month do for you?)
  • Don’t like selling? No problem! Discover How to make a full-time income giving away products for FREE! (this is one of the biggest reasons I became an online millionaire!)

And much more!

This masterclass alone is worth many times more than the entire investment for the Quick Start Challenge, and it’s yours FREE for joining!

Here’s What To Do Next…

To join the Quick Start Challenge coaching is just a one off $197

All you need to do is click the button below to secure your place

We’ll then send you access to a private coaching client members area where you’ll register for each session

Quick Start Challenge T-100

Now, I do understand that because we’re offering this at such a low cost that you may be wondering why, so let me answer that for you…

“What’s The Catch?”

I’ll be the first to say, the Quick Start Challenge should cost at least $1,000

It’s live coaching that gets results, it’s beyond proven for thousands of others just like you to make them a lot of money.

However, this isn’t about making money for us.

As you’ve already seen, we do pretty well already


This Is About GIVING And We’re Doing So In Multiple Ways…

Firstly, it’s about giving back to an industry I love so much.

I was once in the same spot as you, desperately wanting more from life and knowing the internet could provide that

I know what it’s like to want more for you and your loved ones, there’s nothing wrong with that

So, first, the QSC is about us helping you get what you deserve.

Then There’s The Second Reason…

For every person that joins the QSC we’re donating $20 towards delivering gifts and happiness to terminally ill children this Christmas.

Each year Craig helps people and charities at Christmas and this year we wanted to join forces and do even more

You joining the QSC this year not only helps you get what you want, it helps others too

But you must take your place now…

Time Is Of The Essence

Registration for the Quick Start Challenge is only open for 5 days then it’s closed, possibly forever!

Look, this is a live coaching class and to be frank we don’t know if we’ll ever do this again

It takes a LOT or work, and time on our behalf to host this and it may not always be possible

What is guaranteed is that it’s available right now, but not for long

The doors close at midnight on Monday 21st August, there will be no late entries

Oh and one more thing…

When You Take Your Place Right Now,
You’re Also Going To Qualify For…

Lifetime Access To The Quick Start Challenge Community

As we move through the challenge together as a group we’ll all be there every day to support each other, ask questions and get answers.

Never again will you be alone trying to figure out how to make money online, instead you’ll have your own community team of people around you

We’ll all be support each other. We’ll all share in each other’s successes.

Better yet, even after you’re completed the challenge and your business is up and running, we’ll all still be together in the community to help each other to keep going and grow our results!

Think of this as your lifelong business building family.

PLUS… You’re Also Getting

Weekly Q & A Live Streams So Nothing Holds You Back!

Don’t you hate it when you learn something but then you hit a roadblock and no one is there to help you get over it and move forwards?

Yeah, we do too!

That’s why in this year’s Quick Start Challenge we’re doubling down on your live access to us.

Not only will you get the 4 live coaching sessions, AND the bonus session to reveal the fastest way to $10,000+ a month…

Secure your place now and you’ll instantly qualify to join us for a weekly live Q & A too!

This will be your chance to join Craig and I live for a second time each week to get your questions answered so that you can quickly and easily complete every challenge each week to ensure your business success!

Got a question? Need some guidance? Just want to confirm you’re on track and not making any mistakes?

We have you covered!

So, secure your place now so you don’t miss out…

Oh and one more thing…

We’re Giving Away $10,000+ In Prizes

A challenge wouldn’t be a challenge without prizes, so let’s make this even more exciting!

Each week on the live coaching sessions we’re going to set a simple challenge

Everyone that completes the challenge (which are EASY to do) will win a prize, yes I did say EVERYONE wins

However, on top of the prize that everyone wins each week they take part, we’re also going to enter everyone that takes part into a random prize draw

Each week at least 1 lucky winner will be selected and those BIG prizes are worth $2,000+

The prizes up for grabs include:

  • Courses (worth $50 - $200)
  • Plugins (worth $30 - $100)
  • Physical Products (worth $80 - $100)
  • Software (worth $100 - $200)
  • $2,000+ Coaching Packages

Just by joining the challenge and taking part, your prizes will be worth more than the cost to join the coaching!

Quick Start Challenge T-100

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…


Of course there’s a money back guarantee!

In fact, we believe it’s…

The Boldest Guarantee In The World

We 100% guarantee that you’ll love the Quick Start Challenge and everything we do for you, or we’ll return your $197 – simple as that.

We’ll give you a full 30 days to decide too, which means you could in fact take part in the entire first 4 session of the Quick Start Challenge coaching before making up your mind!

Even if it’s 29 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes from when you join, if you don’t think it was for you then just let us know and you’ll get your $197 investment back

How’s that for fair?

This truly is a once in a lifetime offer that may never be offered again

There’s a very small window of opportunity right now for you to get in on this before the doors are locked and the coaching challenge begins

Quick Start Challenge T-100

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you’ll join us so we can help take you to $100+ per day online

See you on the inside

Dean Holland & Craig Crawford

P.S – In case you’re like me and you’ve skipped right to the end of the letter, here’s the deal…

We’re offering you a unique opportunity to join our 30 day coaching program called “The Quick Start Challenge T100”

The plan is to coach you step-by-step during the next 30 days to implementing a proven blueprint that makes you $100 or more every day

We’ll walk you through establishing yourself online with a powerful online ‘asset’ (this is the same way I made my first $3,000 week online after failing for 4 years to make my first $1)

You’ll deploy a ridiculously powerful “Triple Tier List Building” system so you can begin growing your own email list and making commissions whilst you do so!

You’ll discover a simple yet highly effective automation method that allows you to make money whilst you sleep, take vacations or goof around doing whatever you want to do

You’ll also get your hands on the single most powerful traffic getting system I have ever created in my 12+ years of being online

Only my $2,000+ clients have ever seen this but I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal all with you in this coaching class

On top of all of that you’ll get a bonus 3 hour live masterclass where I’ll give you the keys to grow fast to $10,000+ per month online without ever creating a product yourself


Just by taking part you’ll bank prizes up to $10,000 as we’ll be handing them out every single week to those taking part

This includes big prizes of $2,000+

There’s no catch, we’re giving back and also giving $20 for everyone that joins to bring gifts and happiness to terminally ill children this Christmas

The only fly in the ointment is that the doors only open for 5 days so you need to act now

You do so at no risk as you also have a full 30 days money back guarantee so you can take part, see everything and if you don’t think it was for you just let us know for a full refund

Claim your place now, you won’t regret it

Quick Start Challenge T-100


  • Q.When does the Quick Start Challenge start ?

    A.The first one is on August 22nd, time and registration links will be inside your members area.

  • Q.How long will these training sessions last for on the day ?

    A.Roughly around 90 minutes for each session.

  • Q.Will the coaching sessions be recorded if I can't attend the live sessions ?

    A.Yes every session will be recorded and added to your private members area so you dont miss a thing.

  • Q.Is there anything else I need to buy to do the challenge ?

    A.The only things you will need is hosting and an autoresponder, but if you already have these no need to buy them again, we will also show you how to get these for as little as $1.

  • Q.How much time do I need to spend on this per day ?

    A.We recommend spending at least 1 hour a day on your business.